Step 85 The Art of Being.  "Courage is Grace Under Pressure" E. Hemmingway

Being in the moment, and I mean really being in the moment - with all our senses at capacity engagement - sound/taste/smell/touch can either rock our world or make us want to flee.  I am not including disaster, extreme stress or violence when I write this, just the simple matter of day to day living or survival.

Depending on whether we are "living" or "surviving" significantly changes the way we respond to being in the moment.  If, even in survival, we manage to stay present we are experiencing the courage that Hemmingway refers to in his statement - Grace under pressure.

Recently a friend and I were talking about the difference between remaining optimistic and managing the reality of circumstances that can, oftetimes, seem like trying to climb a mountain wearing flip flops.  Impossible right?  It is very hard work to remain optimistic all of the time when circumstances that prevail reflect that all is not as we would hope or like it to be. 

However, dwelling on what is wrong can prevent us from seeing the opportunities that are present even in the most challenging situations. 

One of the things I love about the work I do is helping families see the strengths they have going for them - when those strengths may not be obvious.  For example, helping a mum struggling on a very low income, figure out that by adjusting some of her expenses and looking at the current situation differently she could, in fact, save $1,200 over a year.  Instead of being broke she will have savings and create a positive habit that will help her and her son; assisting two teens, who have seriously demonstrated grace under fire, apply for and receive an amazing bursary by Outward Bound.  The bursary will give them a three week camping trip and challenge them mentally, physically and spiritually.  This happened because they followed up on the opportunity presented to them and took steps to engage in a process which was time consuming and, to some degree, personally challenging.

This blog is about finding our inner Fiji - the steps we decide to take towards a healthier and happpier
life depends on whether we decide to simply read (or write) the words or actually engage in the process.  Sometimes just reading can be part of the process by planting seeds -  those seeds get watered and flourish quickly; other times they take a little longer but water (action) at some point is essential.

Whether you are in survival or living mode the choice of action and recognition to experience the moment and seize opportunity is there.  If you can't find it in yourself ask a friend to help or contact me for online coaching and support.

Exercise:  Write on a sheet of paper Survival and on the other side of the paper Living.  Make a list of words that immediately come to mind.  Decide in which modality you are right now.  What opportunities are there for you to move closer to your dreams and goals?  What senses do you experience when you reflect on the situation?  How can you use this moment in time to move you closer to where you want to be?


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