Step 84 - Listening to our instincts. "Often life whispers to us to warn us of potential problems that may lie ahead, but frequently we are so busy with other things that we ignore these warning signs. One of the best ways to reduce the number of problems in your life is to learn to listen and act on life’s whispers."  Dr. Anthony Fernando

Have you noticed that often before something "bad" happens that you have a sense of premonition - it can also happen when something "good" is about to happen as well.  The physiological experience can often be felt in the stomach or neck and shoulder areas. These warning signs when we listen can prevent health problems,  making poor financial decisions and prevent us from engaging in unhealthy activities or relationships.  All too often, however, I have not heeded these signs and the exact opposite has happened.   The upside is that the experience offers an opportunity for learning and a new and better understanding of how to respond to those instincts and physiological warnings in the future.

In other words there is no point in beating ourselves up for not listening because we can't change what happened but we can change how we respond in the future.  Mindfulness works this way too.  The more mindful we become about what we are feeling and thinking about a situation will pre-empt more positive action and choices.  We still may take risks but we go into those risks with greater understanding.

Since my last post I have been working on weight loss and saving frantically for our trip to the UK.   My body has responded well to the discipline and positive energy that I am putting into both - and even though the results are not as I had hoped they would be by now I am optimistic and positive that I am on the right path.  The physiological feelings are the ones that indicate "good" is about to happen.  It awakens creativity and possibility.

Listening yesterday to an interview on the CBC with Richard Dawkins about his book for children The Magic of reality I was surprised to find myself in agreement with much of what he said in regards to the importance of seeing the "magic" in science and things that can be proven.  However we parted company in agreement when he dismissed any experiences that could not be explained in reality or by science.  Whilst I long ago gave up on the belief in creation mythology I do still believe that our journey towards understanding how and why things works and came into being are part of a much bigger picture.  That what we cannot explain, such as premonitions, feelings of rapture and paranormal experiences occur and are very real for those who experience them.  That there is no scientific proof does not diminish the reality of those feelings and beliefs.  For me it is more of a chicken and egg question - which came first science or creation?  Evolution has its place within both scientific and spiritual philosophies, in my opinion.  To dismiss one is to exclude the opportunity for collective understanding and the potential for peaceful co-existence.

Which takes me back to the quote at the top.  Just because we can't prove the feeling we have about something does not mean we should not listen to it.  Our inner wisdom,  soul, however you like to call it or understand it has a purpose to assist and help you live as healthily as possible.  Becoming aware and mindful of those inner thoughts and feelings will guide us all in our quest for a healthy and happy life.

Exercise - Take two or three colours of paint that you really like and let the colours guide you as you apply them to paper.  Let them mingle and swirl as they lead you.  Try not to control how you work with them - either use brushes or your fingers or sponges or all three.  When you have finished reflect on what you have painted and how it felt to just let the colours take control.  What did you learn about yourself ?  Did you need to control the colours or do you have a natural ability to let go and live freely with your instincts?  How can you apply this experience to a current problem or situation?


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